Our Philosophy 





Our curriculum values the child and the teachable moment by creating opportunities for children to explore in different ways. We incorporate open-ended engagements to allow space for children to wonder, to be curious, to problem solve and to experiment with their world. Open-ended materials are full of potential and different uses and allow children to engage with them in a variety of ways. It is the unintended draw of the cardboard box over the toy inside. The box can be a tunnel, a car, or something to push and pull. As children are exploring, our teachers are there as facilitators observing, extending their play and planning how to use their exploration to further their learning. Incorporating child directed explorations maximizes children's interest, reduces their frustration and helps them develop important social skills as they interact with their peers and their teacher.
At Maya Net Park Preschool, our teachers have high expectations for young children, but recognize that they learn in unique ways and use techniques that are tailored for the age and ability of the child. Instead of attempting to cover skills, we integrate them daily into our curriculum. We engage children's intellect by focusing on how children learn and process information. Their questions become the basis of our teaching and through investigating questions and continuous assessment, children become lifelong learners. 
The field of early childhood education is fairly new and continues to develop as we learn more about how young children learn. Every parent knows that their young child, while amazingly brilliant, thinks and learns differently than they do as an adult. Still, many programs try to educate young children in ways that are more suited to adult learners. Academic programs that rely on rote learning and expect children to memorize and practice drills are actually reminiscent of the way our grandparents were schooled.    



Why Choose us?

Lil Pals believes in the importance of early childhood experiences and their impact on lifelong learning and achievement.  There is no substitute for a strong foundation to help child reach their individual potential.  Our program is designed to provide children with this foundation for success. 

Lil Pals focuses on developmentally appropriate practices designed to meet the emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs of the young child.  Based on the theory that children learn through their experiences and their active exploration of the world around them, our classroom routines and activities encourage children’s involvement and experimentation with materials and concepts.  We believe in purposeful play.  Our caregivers work alone.

Welcome to our web site, one of happiest, friendliest places in Tampa City for families with children from 18 months to four years old. At Lil Pals Preschool  we strive to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find what interests and inspires them. 

It is our joy and pleasure to help families find just the right early education setting for their children and we’re sure it’s here with us, in a safe and comfortable place where learning is full of fun.

We created our Lil Pals Preschool website as a communication channel between home and school. Our website will be updated periodically to keep current and prospective families informed of our services and any new programs that will be offered in the future. The services and programs that we provide are unique in the way that they are researched, implemented, and taught in our school all in a caring and child-friendly environment.  

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We know that searching for a trusted Child Care program is very difficult. However we are here to help assist you with as much information as you need, in hopes to help you finalize your search.


We are a leading Pre School and Child Care provider of one year olds through preschool in Tampa Florida . ¡Hablamos Español!

Our facility is around 8000 sq ft with seven classrooms and has two playgrounds with one dedicated to toddlers.

 We have real passion and heart felt love for working with children. We are here to give our very best to the many families in our Tampa, FL community.


Our goal is to provide access to affordable quality Preschool and Daycare, for early education experiences to enhance the child’s development and support their families in work and parenting roles.